Any agency worthy of the name is committed to complying with certain ethical rules binding it to various obligations and vouching for its professionalism:


e-Locution ensures consistently high quality translations thanks to translators graduated from professional schools working solely towards their mother tongue and who are specialised in the relevant field, as well as systematic proofreading and correction of the translated texts. Creating databases using CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) software guarantees homogeneous translations, even in the course of many years, as these databases are transferrable from one translator to another.

Interpreting assignments are prepared upstream by consultation with the client so as to target the needs and expectations, and to come to terms with the different parameters of the forthcoming encounter. Terminological research conducted at the same time allows a more in-depth preparation.


e-Locution is committed to respecting the confidentiality of your data, files and any material supplied, both during and subsequent to the translation project or interpreting assignment. e-Locution demands the same compliance with confidentiality clauses from its subcontractors.


e-Locution undertakes to render the final translation as soon as possible, depending on the difficulty and quantity of the text to be translated. We can of course offer an express service at a competitive price for those very urgent projects.

Collaboration with the client

We work in close collaboration with our clients so as to fully meet their requirements. On the one hand, this helps us resolve certain linguistic enigmas when the initial texts contain imperfections, to the utter satisfaction of our clients who thereby optimise their source texts, and on the other hand it helps determine the target public, appropriate language style, degree of specialisation, etc.