e-Locution, with several years of proven experience in translation, interpreting and multi-lingual project management, is currently entrusted projects in many and various fields. Please see the different sections presented above for further information on the various services we offer.


Press articles, press releases, financial statements, annual reports, surveys, in-house company reports, HR, job advertisements, financial and fiscal administration (Switzerland), internal and external correspondence, banking, balance sheets, invitations to tender, audits, accounting, etc.

General and specialised engineering, all types of installation and user manuals (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, automotive, chemical, aeronautical, metallurgy, imagery, etc.), catalogues, specifications, quality manuals, manufacturing procedures, logistics, transport, robotics, materials, technical patents, etc.

Software, hardware, websites, set-up guides, anti-virus, programming, telecommunications, processing images, video games, printers, etc.

Descriptions of companies or products and services, marketing brochures, advertising, websites, product and equipment presentations, sales proposals, press releases, large-scale distribution, communication, professional trade shows, etc.

Executive contracts, commercial contracts, employment contracts, annual trading reports, general terms and conditions of sale, various legal documents (testaments, birth and marriage certificates), etc.

Novels, books, opera (subtitling), lyrics for songs on CD

General medicine, prosthesis, allergies, alternative medicine, etc.

Fashion and design, sociology, music, architecture, sport, gastronomy and the hotel industry, the environment, real estate, jewellery, sustainable energies, cosmetics, etc.

From basic word processing of a single page to translating an entire manual using more complex software, we meet the most demanding requirements of our clients by entrusting our projects to professional translators working in their mother tongue only. Before being returned to you, each project undergoes a double linguistics check, the ultimate insurance of optimum quality. Multi-national corporations, SMEs, very small companies as well as private customers all form part of e-Locution’s clientele.


Eloïse Notet herself does liaison interpreting, such as negotiating contracts between foreign companies, travel abroad, business trips to professional trade shows or lavish training courses in foreign languages. Liaison interpreting is ideal for quick, effective communication, during which the interpreter also puts a lot of effort into the clients’ ancillary, cultural and tourist activities for example (restaurant, visits, etc.), which significantly contribute to the success of these events.

Eloïse Notet has extensive experience in liaison interpreting, having regularly worked on international trade shows such as Frankfort, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe making good use of all four working languages in every possible combination. She has also interpreted for training courses in technical fields as well as for negotiating contracts between companies.

Interpreting assignments are generally billed on a daily or half-daily basis with fees calculated in relation to the location, duration and nature of the assignment. Please contact us to define your specific needs.

Consecutive interpreting consists of reproducing what the speaker says, after him/her, in the other language. The notes taken by the interpreter will enable the orator’s speech to be entirely and accurately reproduced in the target language.

Simultaneous interpreting takes place in a booth, during conferences or congresses and consists of immediately reproducing the orator’s speech for the audience in real time using a headset.


Desktop publishing, commonly abbreviated to DTP, marries communication and IT. It enables documents designed for printing to be produced.

e-Locution allows you to concentrate on your core business by offering you turn key solutions. Translations and page layout are performed by experienced translators and graphic artists for a final version ready for printing.

The graphic artists in our network use standard printing industry DTP software. Simply submit your files and explain your needs. We take pride in meeting them.


A Website is currently a virtually inescapable showcase for all professionals aspiring to open the door to the world. This “virtual” showcase helps enhance a company and adds to its credibility, with the goal being to win new clients and capture new markets. We can offer you multi-lingual website solutions, adapted to your activity, in close collaboration with specialist webmasters.

Our partners, who have proven expertise in the field, help us model a site in your image, in line with your budget and in the different languages that enable you to take a strategic position. Our services include providing graphic guidelines, and HTML, java script or flash development. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the subject. We are proactive and can rapidly look into the feasibility of your project. We offer turn key solutions combining design, production and translation of your site!