Calculating the cost of a translation depends on several factors such as the size of the text to be translated, language combination, level of difficulty, format of the file(s) and delivery deadline. In this respect, we always adopt a clear, exact and honest approach to invoicing.

These criteria must always be examined in order to offer the appropriate rate. It is therefore impossible to provide all-in rates without knowing this information. Nevertheless, it should be noted that depending on the country, the cost of a text is calculated on the basis of per word or per line rates.

Interpreting assignments are billed on a daily or half-daily basis according to the type of assignment, its location and content.

N.B.: It should be remembered that translating is not a controlled profession, which means that a large variation in prices can be applied by translation agencies, even within the same country.

But never lose sight of the fact that quality has a price, because in the long term, it generates savings.

For example, a top quality marketing or advertising translation will have greater impact on clients, or carefully translated technical instructions will make a device easier to install, which will satisfy the client and build loyalty for that product.

In the final analysis, a high quality translation is both a sales weapon and the showcase for your company.